Nude passepartout color

There is nothing more elegant and charming than a classic nude nuance. Given their seemingly low-profile distinctive aspect and their utmost delicacy, stiletto heel pumps in natural leather are passpartout pieces of wardrobe, suitable to any occasion. Nude color can provide footwear with a considerable flair and a genuinely sophisticated style that exceed the mere ostentation of garish colors. Sergio Levantesi has always aimed to elevate the refinement of his creations by adding a valuable nude touch to the broad spectrum of hides and fabrics used to design his collection. As a consequence, his line of products proves to be gorgeously enriched by the presence of natural shades, which have obviously been combined with different materials, ranging from the classic to the more exuberant and singular ones. Let yourself be carried away with the finest hues included in a collection made up of 100% made in Italy luxury shoes.