GKS srl was founded in 1988 in the Marche region, one of the most important and famous shoemaking districts in Italy. Gabriele Levantesi and his wife Anna decided to start their own business after having gained in-depth experience in many shoe factories in the area. Their strive for perfection, their innate attention to detail and their love for shoes were the main factors that stimulated them to set up GKS.

Nowadays, even if the founders are always involved in the business, the company is run by their three children: Graziella, Katiuscia and Sergio. Each of them has a specific role within GKS depending on their personal knowledge and expertise. Graziella is in charge of the administrative area, Katiuscia is the head of production, while Sergio is the manager of the style department.

After having worked for decades for some of the most famous Italian brands in the world, the Levantesi family decided to launch their own brand, which takes its name from the stylist and designer of the collection: Sergio Levantesi. The mission of the brand is to give birth to sophisticated yet comfortable shoes, aiming to make the dream of any woman come true: walking in heels for hours!

Besides conducting an uninterrupted search for the most feminine silhouettes and a continuous study of proportion, Sergio Levantesi is proud to be 100% Made in Italy and to employ only the best materials available in the market.


Sergio started his professional career from the bottom. At the very beginning, he was in charge of the purchasing department, checking the quality of hides, soles, heels and all the raw materials necessary to assemble the final product. His daily job, involving a direct contact with the suppliers, taught him how to assess as quickly as possible the suitability of all the materials.

After working on the assembly line and in the cutting department, Sergio finally became the designer of the company. At the age of 25, owing to his notable acquaintance with shoes, their components and the whole manufacturing process, he started collaborating with some of the most important shoe brands in Italy.

When he turned 31, Sergio decided to create his own shoe brand. Thanks to the support of his sisters, Graziella and Katiuscia, and to all the collaborators, the Sergio Levantesi brand is now famous all over the world for the high quality of its creations.