Black pumps, a must-have

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most captivating items in a woman’s wardrobe are the black ones. Pumps in black nuances have to be considered part and parcel of an intriguing dark style which ladies will never be tired of. It is important to bear in mind that one of the main goals that Sergio Levantesi have always strived to accomplish is a meticulous attention to details. As far as black hues are concerned, the continuous research carried out by the Italian brand has led up to the production of alluring shoes that gradually turned out to be extraordinarily attractive for all those women who wish to highlight their elegant nature by means of a dark piece of footwear. Both high heels and low heels in black leather are an absolute must-have if you want to have a lively, unprecedented style. Browse the new emblematic Sergio Levantesi collection to find out more.